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At Metro Dental Care we are passionate about what we do and believe in helping our patients look after their oral health and their smiles, with a choice of a full range of dental services at an affordable price.

Our Services
Welcome to Metro Dental Care, where we listen to you and discuss the various options before we start any procedure so we can ensure you are fully informed to make a decision with your treatment. Dentistry should not be painful and we will try to make every dental visit as comfortable as possible. Learn more >

We offer a total comprehensive range of preventative options in relation to the management of your oral health.

Please click on one of the links below to find out further details on the preventative dental options we provide here at Metro Dental Care.

Learn more >
We offer a total comprehensive range of high-tech dental treatment options in relation to the management of your oral health. Learn more >
Certain medication taken during childhood, trauma,teeth are sometimes naturally darker, ageing, coffee, tea and certain foods in your diet, smoking, coffee and tea all leave stains that penetrate the tooth surface, creating an older, tired smile. Learn more >
At Metro Dental Care we provide a Full Range of Emergency Dental Services: Toothache, Broken or chipped teeth, Broken fillings, ACC accidents, Teeth knocked out, Emergency extractions, Fractured veneers, crowns and bridges, Abscesses, Broken Dentures, WINZ Estimates, Dental Insurance claims, Travel Insurance claims and documentation. Learn more >

First impressions are often the most important and your smile is so important in conveying this.

At Metro Dental Care we are proud to offer Cosmetic Dentistry which includes crowns, bridges and veneers to improve your smile. Learn more >

At Metro Dental Care we offer a full range of filling materials including composite fillings (tooth coloured) and amalgam fillings (silver coloured). Learn more >
At Metro Dental Care we carry out a full range of oral surgical procedures which include simple extractions, full surgical extractions, root extractions, removal of all teeth and surgical extractions of impacted wisdom teeth. Learn more >
Root canal therapy is carried out in three stages when the pulp is diseased or injured through bacteria leaking into the tooth. Bacteria eventually causes an infection inside the tooth forming an abscess. Other causes include decay, deep filling, trauma, tooth fracture, infection and sometimes there are no apparent causes. Learn more >
Dental anxiety is a problem for patients who have had an uncomfortable experience in the past. One of our goals is to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We have many ways to reduce anxieties. Learn more >
At Metro Dental Care we provide treatment for gum disease which is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Gum disease is painless and you may not even know you have it and caused by plaque. Learn more >
We can assist you with ACC dental registration forms. Initially full payment is required for all ACC related treatment but ACC may refund after a claim is submitted. Learn more >
At Metro Dental Care we provide a comprehensive examination and consultation for our Work and Income patients on the same day generally this treatment can be performed on the same day. Learn more >
Dentures can be made and inserted after teeth are removed immediately. Healing may take several months. To make this possible, we take measurements and make the models of your jaws during a preliminary visit. Learn more >
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  • “My philosophy in managing the dental needs of my patients is to treat every patient as I would like to be treated. Every patient's needs  are unique. I enjoy helping develop a plan with the patient for their dental management, be it short, medium or long term. I know my long term patients enjoy and appreciate how I deliver dentistry.”

    Dr Suresh Patel Principal Dentist