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High-Tech Dentistry Auckland

We offer a total comprehensive range of high-tech dental treatment options in relation to the management of your oral health.

Diagnodent Laser

Highly fluoridated outer surfaces make it hard to detect hidden decay in the inner part of the tooth. Conventional detection methods are no longer adequate to detect decay in grooves of back teeth.

Using lasers we can find hidden problems at early stages, providing cost effective preventative treatments.

Digital X-Ray

At Metro Dental Care we provide instant xray images from digital sensors which allow immediate diagnosis. The advantages are that images are displayed instantly on our monitors with significantly less exposure to xray radiation.

With the software we have invested in this allows images to be enhanced and magnified allowing more scope in diagnosis.

Communication with digital xrays can be easier and instant by emailing them to other health providers or dental specialists.

Panoramic X-Ray Imaging

Panoramic imaging is an important part of our practice at Metro Dental Care which allows a full face view of the dental and related structures. Panoramic images reveal hidden problems which would not have been detected with conventional xrays. 

Panoramic imaging is essential for any diagnosis associated with impacted wisdom tooth removal and orthodontic treatment.

Decay Risk Assessment

At Metro Dental Care we use different methods of assessing the risk of dental decay providing dental treatment and restorative plans based on an individual patient's risk.

It has been recognised for some years that dental disease is no longer a generic problem. Individuals show quite different patterns of disease, depending upon the chemistry of events happening in their mouths.

We now know that dental decay is a complex disease caused by many different strains of bacteria. We call these bacteria the biofilm - the furry layer that builds up over minutes and hours after you brush your teeth.

We can check risk factors such as saliva output and pH, caffeine intake, diet, gastric reflux disease, medications, smoking, sporting activities - all of these can have an effect on the rate of tooth decay and wear in an individual.

Computerised Treatment Rooms

Your clinical records are on hand at the click of a mouse as Metro Dental Care is fully computerised. We can update your details, discuss photos and xrays at the chairside and forward your digital details to specialists instantly. This allows accurate and prompt follow up without the delays of a paper trail.

Digital Photography

We have the facilities of utilising cameras to capture detailed views of your mouth for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Images can be sent by email to our laboratory technician and specialists.

Sterilisation and Cleanliness

Many patients are worried that they might expose themselves to infections. We understand the trust that you place in us and at Metro Dental Care we are committed to ensuring your safety in every way by using standard sterilisation techniques, ie : an autoclave (steam pressure sterilisation), once-only use of equipment where appropriate and the highest level of staff training.

All equipment that is used in your mouth is completely sterilised. Our standards exceed those imposed by regulations and the industry norm.

Autoclave Steam Sterilisation

All instruments capable of withstanding high temperatures are steam sterilised under pressure in an autoclave. ALL bacteria and viruses are killed. We have the latest generation of autoclave that operates under a vacuum to ensure that even hollow tubes for example, inside of a dental drill, are totally sterile.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Prior to instruments being autoclaved they are hand scrubbed before being placed in an ultrasonic bath with a disinfectant cleaning solution. This removes any surface debris and begins sterilisation process.

Chemical Disinfection

All items that cannot tolerate high heat, for example plastics, are disinfected in a chemical solution formulated to kill infectious bacteria and viruses.

"Pouching" of Sterile Instruments

Most of our instruments are "autoclave pouched" to maintain sterility until the moment they are required.

One-time Use Items

Many items are single-use and are disposed of after each patient. This includes all syringes (needles) and saliva ejectors (the plastic tips on the suction tube which are placed in the mouth to remove saliva).

Disposable Gloves and Masks

Gloves and masks are worn to prevent transmission of disease between you and us (both ways), as well as providing protection from transmitting any diseases between you and another patient in the practice. Gloves are never used on more than one patient.

Surface Decontamination and Barriers

All surfaces (counter tops, dental chair, light handles, etc.) are disinfected with a chemical solution again formulated to kill infectious bacteria, spores, and viruses.

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  • “My philosophy in managing the dental needs of my patients is to treat every patient as I would like to be treated. Every patient's needs  are unique. I enjoy helping develop a plan with the patient for their dental management, be it short, medium or long term. I know my long term patients enjoy and appreciate how I deliver dentistry.”

    Dr Suresh Patel Principal Dentist