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Preventative Dentistry Auckland

We offer a total comprehensive range of preventative options in relation to the management of your oral health.

Constant use from chewing, grinding or clenching can cause dental fillings to wear away, chip or crack. Although you may not be able to tell that your filling is wearing down or feel any pain, we can examine your restorations during a regular check-up.


Diet is important and so is the frequency of snacking which causes pH levels to drop between meals and this is what causes the decay on teeth. Current research indicates reducing frequent snacks will reduce acid attacks on the teeth.


Fluoride helps to harden the tooth enamel and this makes the tooth more resistant to decay. Another function of fluoride is to destroy the specific bacteria which initiates decay. Fluoride enters our body by two methods.

Systemic Fluoride
Systemic fluoride can come from food, water or diet supplements. Fluoridated water is an effective way to reduce dental decay. Current research has proven that fluoridated water can reduce tooth decay by up to 40%-60%.

Topical Fluoride
Fluoride toothpaste, professional fluoride application and fluoridated home mouth rinses - these can be purchased from Metro Dental Care. 

Fluoride Safety
Fluoride if not used correctly can lead to fluoride toxicity and dental fluorosis.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are commonly used to prevent decay developing on teeth and easy to apply and it takes only a few minutes to seal each tooth. The sealant is "painted" onto the tooth enamel where it bonds directly to the tooth and hardens. Sealants hold up well under the force of normal chewing and usually last several years.

Mouth Guards

At Metro Dental Care we are able to design and construct a mouth guard. The mouth is one of the commonest areas of the body to sustain injuries in contact sports and needs protection.  You can even have your name and/or team colours embedded in the mouth guard! 

Preventative Oral Health

At Metro Dental Care we work with you to help you develop habits that will benefit the health of your mouth and help to maintain the treatment you have had.

Dental Products

At Metro Dental Care we can tailor a preventative program for you, using our vast range of dental products we have in stock.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes
Promotes a clean mouth and healthy gums.

Interproximal Brushes
Excellent for removing plaque from between teeth where gaps exist.

Dental Floss
Advanced coatings on the flosses means that they slide more easily between the teeth and resist shredding.

Mouth Rinses
Clinically proven to help reduce inflammation in the gums.

Fluoride Products
Neutrafluor mouth rinses 220.

GC Dry Mouth Gel
Provides comfort to patients who may be suffering from dry mouth.

GC Tooth Mousse
Sugar-free crème containing Recaldent® which provides extra protection for your teeth.

Dental Caries

Dental Caries (tooth decay) is a disease where bacteria converts sugar left on teeth to acid which demineralises tooth structure. Caries is the most common disease throughout the world.

Factors required for caries to form are bacteria; carbohydrates (such as sugar ), time, Substrate( tooth surface resistance: genetics), and fluoride exposure.


Plaque is a soft whitish film that bonds to teeth. It is composed of lots of bacteria that feed on sugars in the mouth and is responsible for causing cavities and gum disease.

Plaque contains bacteria that can affect the gums making them red, swollen or tender causing them to bleed easily. After a while gums may pull away from the teeth. Pockets form and fill with more bacteria and pus. If the gums are not treated the bone around the teeth can be destroyed.