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Tooth Whitening Auckland

You do not have to be unhappy with the colour of your teeth!

Tooth whitening will result in a whiter, more youthful smile, and the confidence that it brings. Certain medication taken during childhood, trauma,teeth are sometimes naturally darker, ageing, coffee, tea and certain foods in your diet, smoking, coffee and tea all leave stains that penetrate the tooth surface, creating an older, tired smile.

Whitening Procedures

Over the Counter "Bleaching" Systems
These are not successful because bleaching relies on fitting trays to hold the solution against the tooth for a period of time.

Take Home Whitening
This is the most effective way to whiten teeth. We make thin clear trays from moulds of your teeth . A gel is applied inside the tray and these are worn over night for a period of 2-3 weeks.

Chair Side Whitening
This is the fastest way to whiten in most cases it takes just over an hour chair side. Gel is then activated using cool blue LED light. The resulting photochemical reaction lifts stains from within the tooth. Zoom and BriteSmile are the two in-office treatments we have at our practice.

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